Russian Journal of Earth Sciences

RJES Templates

Articles accepted for publication in the Russian Journal of Earth Sciences are marked-up into LaTeX format, and then translated to the formats PDF, HTML5, EPUB3 using style files designed for this purpose in the GC RAS. For this reason, the Editorial board does not establish specific technical requirements for the manuscript (such as font size, number of lines per page, etc.). The only requirement for the manuscript - to be quite clear in meaning and form. For more on this, see section Recommendations to Author and Editor on this site.

Preparation of the manuscript in LaTeX format allows not only significantly reduce the time of technical preparation of the paper for publication, but also to improve the quality, especially in the presence of a large number of mathematical and chemical fragments in it. For the preparation of the manuscript in LaTeX2e format it is recommended to use the latest version of the style file elxpaper.sty v.1.5, included in the contents of the same name ELXpaper software package. In addition to the style file the package also includes a number of software components that generate along with a PDF version of the article, the version in HTML5 format, with the conversion of the latter into a format XHTML and EPUB3, as well as a user manual in two languages. A description of the package is presented in [Nechitailenko, 2016, doi: 10.2205/2016BS028], and details of elxpaper.sty template are given in Russian and English.

One can also use a previous version of this package, namely, SimpleTeXML with a detailed description in Russian and English.