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The Arctic rift system and the boundary between the Eurasian and North American lithospheric plates: New insight to plate tectonic theory
by A. F. Grachev
Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol 5, No. 5, October 2003
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Figure 8
Geologic history of the Laptev sea shelf during Cenozoic is not well studied. Available data allow to assume that during the most part of Cretaceous and Paleocene this territory was subjected to planation and formation of the crust of weathering. Such conditions existed during Miocene and Early Pliocene [Paleogeographic..., 1991]. With the beginning of a transgression of 4 m.y. ago the northern part of the Laptev Sea shelf was covered by sea, and on the rest part of the Laptev Sea a lacustrine and alluvial sediment were deposited (Figure 8). The most prominent tectonic movements with inherited development of uplift and subsidence zones occurred during time span of 3.3-2 m.y. in the central part of the shelf, when the recent structure of the Laptev Sea has been formed. The key neotectonic element on the shelf is the Omoloy graben as a link structure with the Gakkel Ridge which has a length of 400 km and a width from 20 km in the north and 35 km in the south.
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