Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Vol. 21, No. 2, March–April 2021


Variability of ionospheric TEC at low latitude station, Hyderabad during medium solar activity
Bhardwaj Shivangi, Parvaiz A. Khan, Azad A. Manssori, Rafi Ahmad, P. K. Purohit
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2020ES000749]      
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Rock-magnetic studies of the Tarkhanian sediments in Kop-Takyl section (the Kerch Peninsula)
Pilipenko, O. V., N. V. Salnaya, Yu. V. Rostovtseva, and Z. Novruzov
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000765]      
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Ice thickening caused by freezing of tidal jet
A. V. Marchenko, E. G. Morozov, A. V. Ivanov, T. G. Elizarova, D. I. Frey
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000761]      
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The importance of the sea ice marginal zone for the surface turbulent heat fluxes in Arctic on the basis of NCEP CFSR reanalysis
J. Selivanova, P. Verezemskaya, N. Tilinina, S. Gulev, and S. Dobrolyubov
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2020ES000744]      
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Evaluation of interdecadal trends in sea ice, surface winds and ocean waves in the Arctic in 1980–2019
Vitali Sharmar and Margarita Markina
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2020ES000741]      
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Anomalous porosity preservation in the Lower Cretaceous Nahr Umr sandstone, Southern Iraq
Abbas K. A. Mohammed
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2020ES000739]      
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