Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Vol 11, No. 3, January–February 2010


Information technologies in geomagnetic investigations of Late Cenozoic Pacific submarine volcanoes
V. A. Rashidov, I. M. Romanova, V. I. Bondarenko, A. A. Palueva
[Abstract]   [Full Paper in Russian]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000358]

The usage the expert-analytical system for geophysical monitoring underground pipelines technical state
N. P. Demchenko, E. I. Krapivsky
[Abstract]   [Full Paper in Russian]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000348]

Peculiarities in creation of transnational GIS (using GIS "Mineral Resources, Metallogenesis and Tectonics of Northeast Asia" as an example)
V. V. Naumova, R. M. Miller, M. I. Patuk, M. Yu. Kapitanchuk, W. J. Nokleberg, A. I. Khanchuk, L. M. Parfenov, and S. M. Rodionov
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000435]

The Electronic Earth project – information-analytical environment for spatial scientific data
A. Afanasiev, V. Britkov, I. Dribinskaya, V. Permitin
[Abstract]   [Full Paper in Russian]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000431]

Power distributions in ore and oil genesis – interpretation and generating mechanisms
M. V. Rodkin, I. A. Zotov, E. M. Grayeva, L. M. Labuntsova, A. R. Shatakhtsyan
[Abstract]   [Full Paper in Russian]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000408]

Grid in Earth Science and its future
M. Petitdidier and H. Schwichtenberg
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000378]

Automatization of procedures of initial processing of seismic signals at calibrating directions source-station
O. K. Kedrov, E. O. Kedrov, N. A. Sergeeva, A. B. Chulkov, L. P. Zabarinskaya
[Abstract]   [Full Paper in Russian]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000433]

Investigation of salt plugs intrusion into Dehnow anticline using image processing and geophysical magnetotelluric methods
A. Esmaeil Zadeh, F. Doulati Ardejani, M. Ziaii, and M. Mohammado Khorasani
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000375]

Application of the interdisciplinary database for the construction of the geodynamic models of deep structure of the natural disaster regions (Neftegorsk earthquake, Sakhalin Island)
A. G. Rodnikov, N. A. Sergeeva, and L. P. Zabarinskaya
[Abstract]   [Full Paper in Russian]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000357]

Geomagnetic field evolution. Changes on the way?
Mioara Mandea and Vincent Lesur
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [doi: 10.2205/2009ES000333]

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