RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES VOL. 11, RE3004, doi:10.2205/2009ES000431, 2010

The Electronic Earth project – information-analytical environment for spatial scientific data

A. Afanasiev, V. Britkov

Institute for System Analysis RAS, Moscow, Russia

I. Dribinskaya, V. Permitin

Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow, Russia


The results of designing of the information-analytical environment of the network infrastructure for the distributed data processing – GeoSINet (Geographic Science Information Network) are considered in the report. The network of problem-oriented scientific portals includes resources, the academic development in the field of technologies and toolkits of the GIS-analysis and GRID-calculations, means of navigation, classification and indexing. Examples are given to show some scientific and technological problem decisions under the Electronic Earth project as far as the used types of geospatial data, the applied analytical methods and algorithms on the basis of modern Web, GIS and GRID technologies convergence.

The next phase of the Electronic Earth project is discussed. The discussion is based on the achieved results and existing problems and is focused on information-analytical supply of scientific researches approved by the Government of the Russian Federation up to 2012. Key problems of forthcoming interdisciplinary researches are: creations of spatial scientific data infrastructure (ISSD) at the meta-information level under the programs devoted to the Earth sciences basic researches, further improvement of information processing on the basis of academic development of technologies and toolkits GIS, GRID and the Web, maintenance of navigation, search and visualization, etc. Urgency of ISSD infrastructure development is closely connected with a supply with information of Earth sciences and the adjacent areas of knowledge, and also with scientific, organizational, and administrative activity of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Received 1 June 2009; accepted 1 November 2009; published 22 January 2010.

Keywords: Electronic Earth project; information resources; IT technologies; information services


Citation: Afanasiev A., V. Britkov, I. Dribinskaya, V. Permitin (2010), The Electronic Earth project – information-analytical environment for spatial scientific data, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 11, RE3004, doi:10.2205/2009ES000431.

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