Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Vol 5, No. 1, February 2003


The compositional evolution of differentiated liquids from the Skaergaard Layered Series as determined by geochemical thermometry
A. A. Ariskin
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000115

Mesozoic-Cenozoic metallogenic provinces, Wilson cycle, and plume tectonics
Yu. G. Gatinskii and D. V. Rundkvist
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2002ES000110

Helium isotopes in the ground fluids of the Baikal Rift and its surroundings: Contribution to continental rifting geodynamics
B. G. Polyak
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000122

Seismic regime of Southern California in relation to the crustal rigidity variations
V. I. Lykov and A. O. Mostryukov
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000119

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