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Vol 1, No. 5, August 1999

Approximation Approach to the Solution of Gravity and Magnetic Problems. 2. New Methods of Getting Stable Approximate Solutions of Linear Algebraic Equations with Their Approximated Right Sides  Russian
V. N. Strakhov, and A. V. Strakhov
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1999ES000021

Determination of instability of the fault zone model  English
G. A. Sobolev, and A. V. Ponomarev
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1999ES000016

Physical approach to the problem of origin of charnockitic rocks of southern India: Mechanisms of crustal heating and transfer of carbon dioxide  English
A. O. Gliko, R. N. Singh, and P. S. Swathi
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1999ES000019

The history of South Atlantics spreading ridges development and time – space position of Bouve triple connection  Russian
E. P. Dubinin, N. M. Sushchevskaya, and A. L. Grokhol'skiy
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1999ES000018

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