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Vol 1, No. 3, December 1998

The time relations of the processes in the core and the lithosphere  Russian
A. N. Didenko
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1998ES000010

The model of tectonomagnetic effect formation in the fracture zone with shear  Russian
I. A. Garagash
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1998ES000009

Oceanic manganese accumulation in the light of historical tectonics  Russian
E. S. Bazilevskaya, and Yu. M. Pushcharovskiy
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1998ES000011

Features of the processed of crystallization and geochemistry of tholeiite magmas of the western end of African-Antarctic Ridge (Shpiss Ridge) in the area of Bouve triple junction  Russian
N. M. Sushchevskaya, Ye. V. Koptev-Dvornikov, N. A. Migdisova, D. M. Khvorov, A. A. Peyve, S. G. Skolotnev, B. V. Belyatskiy, and V. S. Kamenetskiy
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1998ES000012

Angola basin faults  Russian
A. O. Mazarovich, and S. Yu. Sokolov
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/1998ES000014

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