RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, VOL. 21, ES1003, doi:10.2205/2020ES000723, 2021

Table 1. Hydrological and Geochemical Characteristics of the Vistula Lagoon and Sevastopol Bay
Parameter Vistula Lagoon [Alexandrov, 2010] Sevastopol Bay
Average depth 2.7 m 11.3 m [Stokozov, 2010]
Connection with the sea Restricted water exchange through narrow strait (width about 400 m) Restricted water exchange through jetties (width about 400 m)
Sedimentation rate 0.4 mm/year [Chechko, 2006] 2.3–9.3 mm/year [Gulin, 2014]
Average salinity 3.8 ‰ 17 ‰
Content $C_{\rm org}$ $< 2\%$ 0.31–7.09 [Moiseenko and Orekhova, 2011]
Trophic status Eutrophic Mesotrophic [Gubanov et al., 2002]

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Citation: Ulyanova M., T. Malakhova, D. Evtushenko, Yu. Artemov, V. Egorov (2021), Comparison of methane distribution in bottom sediments of shallow lagoons of the Baltic and Black Seas, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 21, ES1003, doi:10.2205/2020ES000723.

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