RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, VOL. 20, ES6006, doi:10.2205/2020ES000719, 2020

Figure 1. Study area. Legend: 1 – Sampling points; 2 – Gas-saturated sediments; 3 – Pockmarks; 4 – Fault areas, as per [Otmas et al., 2006]; 5 – Isobaths, m; 6 – Boundary of silt distribution in the Gdansk Deep; 7 – EEZ Russia.

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Citation: Krek Alexander, Viktor Krechik, Aleksandr Danchenkov, Galina Mikhnevich (2020), The role of fluids in the chemical composition of the upper holocene sediment layer in the russian sector of the South-East Baltic, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 20, ES6006, doi:10.2205/2020ES000719.

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