RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, VOL. 19, ES4005, doi:10.2205/2019ES000669, 2019

Table 7. The Amount of Oil Accumulations in MMbbls and the Volume of Gas Accumulations in Mm$^3$ for Each Accumulation in the Rudeis Reservoir, Eastern Part of Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Accumulation Accumulated gas Accumulated oil
No volume (Mm$^3$) mass (MMbbls)
1 5876.62 2.92
2 309732.88 2446.85
3 0.35
4 39.7

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Citation: Tarshan Ahmed, Sergey Shimanskiy (2019), Petroleum system modelling and identification of promising oil and gas bearing objects in the eastern part of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 19, ES4005, doi:10.2205/2019ES000669.

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