RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, VOL. 16, ES3003, doi:10.2205/2016ES000573, 2016

Figure 6. Rose diagrams illustrating the ODF of different mineral fractions as resulted from the analysis of Figure 2 images. Black corresponds to biotite platelets, while dark grey, light grey and white could be attributed to plagioclase and quartz. In all cases the anisotropy parameter has a value of about 2, while both Rayleigh $R$ and Rao's $U$ tests point towards with a 99% probability of a non-uniform, anisotropic distribution of different minerals that compose samples.

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Citation: Duliu Octavian G., Tatiana I. Ivankina, Edward Herman, Calin Ricman, Ion Tiseanu (2016), Orientation distribution function of biotite platelets based on optical, thin sections and $\mu$-CT image analysis in an Outokumpu (Finland) biotite gneiss: Comparison with neutron diffraction texture analysis, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 16, ES3003, doi:10.2205/2016ES000573.

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