RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, VOL. 14, ES2001, doi:10.2205/2014ES000539, 2014

The mean-field dynamo model in geodynamo

M. Yu. Reshetnyak


The 2D Parker's mean-field dynamo equations with a various distributions of the $\alpha$- and $\omega$-effects are considered. We show that smooth profiles of $\alpha$ and $\omega$ can produce dipole configuration of the magnetic field with the realistic magnetic energy spectrum. We emphasize that fluctuating $\alpha$-effect leads to increase of the magnetic energy at the small scales, breaking the dipole configuration of the field. The considered geostrophic profiles of $\alpha$ and $\omega$ correspond to the small-scale polarwards/equatorwards travelling waves with the small dipole field contribution. The same result is observed for the dynamic form of the $\alpha$-quenching, where two branches of the weak and strong solution coexist.

Received 28 July 2014; accepted 30 July 2014; published 8 August 2014.

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Citation: Reshetnyak M. Yu. (2014), The mean-field dynamo model in geodynamo, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 14, ES2001, doi:10.2205/2014ES000539.

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