[78]  The Karmadon catastrophe is not a scientific puzzle, in spite of its unique character. The preliminary study of the conditions for the development of a catastrophic process in the Genaldon Gorge was multisided. Each natural factor which might affect the glacier was studied. However, using any combination of the external factors, this avalanche is classified as an exogenic motion of a catastrophic level, that is, as a slope process. Yet, the level of the scientific problems produced was extremely high. To avoid the repetition of any tragedy in future, the Kolka Glacier area must be controlled by several services simultaneously. The meteorologic monitoring should be accompanied by a topographic one. The results of geothermal, meteorologic, and seismic observations should be correlated with the plastic deformation rate of the glacier, determined using high-accuracy instruments. This will enable the calculation of the integral values of the changing physico-mechanical properties of the active body automatically in the field conditions. In the case of the declining glacier stability to a dangerous level, special active measures need be developed to provoke its descent.


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