Transit Zone

Figure 26
[69]  The demolition of the Kolka Glacier in the Genaldon Ravine is ranked as an event of planetory significance. The extremely rapid transportation of a huge rock mass over the distance of several tens of kilometers was accompanied by a huge energy liberation, part of this energy being propagated as the seismic disturbances of the rock material, part of this energy was spent for the exaration of the sides and bottom of the valley, and part was spent on the overcoming of the internal friction. The energy of the mechanical effect of the ice avalanche on the sides of the valley was sufficient to violate the stable state of three landslide slopes. The landslide process involved about 30 million m3 of the earth material (Figure 26). The hardly estimated volume of the loose material accumulated in the flood plain of the valley. The threat of a catastrophic mud flow remains to be a real event. The huge masses of loose material at the floor of the valley are certainly involved into the processes of the valley floor evolution, this material moving down under calm conditions. It appears that the mud flow danger consists of the inverse dependence upon these conditions.


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