A new concept of the junction nature of the Caspian Sea basin and Mugodzhar

Ya. A. Richter

Saratov State University, Saratov, Russia


[1]  A new version of the collision of mobile belt with suboceanic plate is discussed by the example of the relations between collision structures of the southern termination of Ural (Mugodzhar) and preorogenic structures of the Caspian Sea basin located in the inner angle of the East-European platform. Structural geological and geophysical data are given and analyzed. The suture character of Hercynian boundary structures is revealed in the junction zone of Mugodzhar and the Caspian Sea basin.

Received 15 August 2006; accepted 18 October 2006; published 27 December 2006.

Keywords: suboceanic plate, mobile belt, collision, and edge junction.

Index Terms: 1744 History of Geophysics: Tectonophysics; 3040 Marine Geology and Geophysics: Plate tectonics; 3060 Marine Geology and Geophysics: Subduction zone processes; 8150 Tectonophysics: Plate boundary: general.


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