Figure 1. Deep-sea basins and adjacent seamounts in the Central and South Atlantic region. (1) Rift zone of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, (2) transverse fracture zone, (3) deep-sea basin, (4) continental crust fragment, (5) tectonovolcanic seamount. Basins: (A) Argentine, (B) Brazil, (NA) North American, (NF) Newfoundland, (Ag) Agulhas, (C) Cape, (An) Angola, (G) Guinea, (SL) Sierra-Leone, (CV) Cape Verde, (Ca) Canary, (T) Tagus, (I) Iberian, (WE) West European. Demarcation fracture zones: (AF) Agulhas-Falkland, (RG) Rio-Grande, (RO) Romanche, (CG) Charlie Gibbs. Spreading ridges: (Am-Ant) American-Antarctic, (Afr-Ant) African-Antarctic; (BTJ) Bouvet tripple junction. Rises: (1) Falkland Banks, (2) Rio Grande Plateau, (3) Saint Paul Smt, (4) Blake knolls, (5) Bermuda Rise, (6) New England Smts., (7) Corner Rise, (8) Meteor Rise, (9) Discovery Ridge, (10) Heezen Rise, (11) Tristan da Cunha Rise, (12) Walvis Ridge, (13) Cameron Line, (14) Guinea Plateau, (15) Sierra-Leone Rise, (16) Cape Verde Plateau, (17) Canary Ridge, (18) Madeira Tore Rise, (19) Azores-Biscay Rise, (20) Rockall Bank.

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