Russian Journal of Earth Sciences

Interactive and Dynamic Content

Modern technologies of electronic publications greatly increase the possibility of presenting the results of research, enriching them with the possibility of including, in addition to traditional text and graphics, a variety of multimedia applications and inclusions, dynamic and interactive content, data visualization tools and processes, and finally, the natural integration into the information network search engines and knowledge base.

Unfortunately interactive and dynamic content of publication of scientific and educational character is still quite rare. The reason for this is related not only to conservatism and poor awareness of authors and publishers, but also to the absence of friendly tools for preparing such publications despite the fact that in recent years, the W3C and IDPF adopted and approved a series of standards, for example, standards of HTML5, EPUB3 et al., which open the way for the publication of modern scientific and educational journals and books available not only on desktops but also on portable devices (tablets, e-readers, smartphones), which are especially popular among young people.

The Editorial Board of Russian Journal of Earth Sciences and the GC RAS editorial and technical team (in the Laboratory of Geophysical Data Storage and Dissemination Technologies) provide the necessary technical assistance to authors in preparation their articles incorporating interactive and dynamic content. Examples of such solutions can be found at RJES pages, as well as other publications of GC RAS.

It is easy to see that the above non-exhaustive list of implemented solutions for integrating interactive and dynamic content does not contain anything fundamentally new. There are not used any special design, only well-known public domain decisions and tools were used. Let us only note that it is necessary to make an adequate choice of a viewer. For example, PDF plugin embedded in most web browsers (including the Big Five) do not support all the options that are built into Adobe Acrobat version 8 or higher, so it is recommended that you use the latest to view PDF versions of articles.