In the framework of development of the Atlas of the Main magnetic field of the Earth (EMMF) a series of digital charts of the Earth's magnetic field was developed with mapping of parameters of the Earth's main magnetic field:

During developing of EMMF digital charts mapping projections and scale were selected and established, primary data (sources of information) were analyzed, applied for developing of EMMF digital charts. Technology of mapping of EMMF digital charts was developed according to the data of observations' network and centers for collecting, storing and processing data. The tasks of converting of data, data evaluation and generalization were also solved.

At elaborating methods and technologies of EMF digital charts professional toolkit and program software were used. Digital charts were prepared on licensed program software ArcGIS in raster and vector formats. A list of requirements to EMMF charts description was prepared, economic evaluation of alternative methods of EMMF study is carried out, technologies for charts' editing, quality control and publication were worked out.

Questions related to authorship at mapping digital charts are being settled down.