Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Vol. 21, No. 6, November-December 2021


Convectively mixed layer in a boreal lake during the period of spring under-ice heating: Spatial structure and hydrodynamic parameters
S. R. Bogdanov, R. E. Zdorovennov, N. I. Palshin, G. E. Zdorovennova, S. Yu. Volkov, T. V. Efremova, G. G. Gavrilenko, and A. Yu. Terzhevik
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000780]      
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Retrieval of the two-dimensional slope field by the SWIM spectrometer of the CFOSAT satellite: discussion of the algorithm
V. Yu. Karaev, M. A. Panfilova, M. S. Ryabkova, Yu. A. Titchenko, E. M. Meshkov, and X. Li
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000784]      
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Assessment of Seismogeodynamic Activity of Mining Areas on the Basis of 3D Geoinformation Modeling
V. A. Petrov, V. A. Minaev, S. A. Ustinov, I. O. Nafigin, and A. B. Lexin
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000781]      
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Data analysis for variational assimilation of the surface temperature of the Black and Azov Seas
N. B. Zakharova and E. I. Parmuzin
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000779]      
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New Approach for Analyzing Marine Ecosystem Structure Using Bayesian Networks
Denis Krivoguz, Sergey Chernyi, and Artur Manukov
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2021ES000782]      
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