Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Vol 7, No. 5, October 2005


The quasiplatform sediments of the East European Platform
M. A. Nagornyi and V. G. Nikolaev
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/2005ES000171

South Sakhalin tectonics and geodynamics: A model for the Cretaceous-Paleogene accretion of the East Asian continental margin
A. E. Zharov
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/2005ES000190

The Neoproterozoic and Early Paleozoic geological history of the Ural-Kazakhstan margin of the Paleoasian Ocean using new isotopic and geochronological data obtained for the Polar Ural region
E. V. Khain, A. A. Fedotova, E. V. Bibikova, E. B. Salnikova, A. B. Kotov, K.-P. Burgat, V. P. Kovach, and D. N. Remizov
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/2005ES000188

"Back-arc" marine ice sheet in the Sea of Okhotsk
M. G. Grosswald and T. J. Hughes
[Abstract]   [Full Paper]   [Print Version]   [ZIP Version]     doi: 10.2205/2005ES000180

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