Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Vol 5, No. 2, April 2003


Genesis of the earliest (3.20-2.83 Ga) terranes of the Fennoscandian shield
S. B. Lobach-Zhuchenko, V. P. Chekulaev, N. A. Arestova, A. B. Vrevsky, and A. V. Kovalenko
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000118

Genesis of Archean tonalite-trondhjemite suites: Plume or subduction related?
O. M. Turkina and A. D. Nozhkin
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000121

MAR volcanism in the Sierra Leone Fracture Zone region, Central Atlantic
S. G. Skolotnev, A. A. Peyve, S. M. Lyapunov, V. A. Simonov, Yu. E. Glazyrin, and V. Yu. Kolobov
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000117

Modern climatic data for the Pleistocene: Implications for a new concept of the orbital theory of paleoclimate
V. A. Bol'shakov
[Abstract]   [HTML]   [HTML.ZIP]   [PDF]     doi: 10.2205/2003ES000116

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