RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES VOL. 6, NO. 1, PAGES 59–79, doi:10.2205/2004ES000145, 2004

Geodynamic regionalization of the recent structure of North Eurasia

A. F. Grachev, M. K. Kaban, and V. A. Nikolaev

Schmidt United Institute of Physics of the Earth, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


[1]  Correlation analysis of geological and geophysical parameters of the North Eurasia lithosphere is performed on the basis of data for the recent vertical tectonic movements of the crust reflected in the 1:5 000 000 North Eurasia map of recent tectonics [Neotectonic map..., 1996] and calculated curvature intensities of the recent movements K int, as well as such geophysical parameters as the heat flow HF, Moho depth, maximum and minimum tangential stresses S1-S3 estimated from gravity data, and mantle anomalies with wavelengths shorter than 2400 km. The correlation analysis is complemented with factor analysis. Factors responsible for geodynamic regimes of North Eurasia are identified and mapped. They are used for the identification and interpretation of geodynamic classes of the lithosphere. Seismically active regions such as orogens, rifts and prerifts are examined separately; an additional parameter, the seismic activity A10 is used for this purpose. Aseismic platforms are also studied separately using, as a parameter, the crystalline basement depth instead of the seismic activity. Results of the geodynamic regionalization of seismically active and aseismic areas in North Eurasia are summarized in a general map of geodynamic regionalization of North Eurasia. Its analysis provided several constraints on the development and controlling factors of the majority of regions. Implications of the inferred results for the determination of tectonic stress fields are discussed

Received 22 January 2004; published 27 May 2004.

Keywords: North Eurasia, geodynamics, neotectonics, deep structure, regionalization.

Citation: Grachev, A. F., M. K. Kaban, and V. A. Nikolaev (2004), Geodynamic regionalization of the recent structure of North Eurasia, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 6, No.1, 59-79, doi:10.2205/2004ES000145.

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