RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES VOL. 2, NO. 3, PAGES 303–312, doi:10.2205/2000ES000047, 2000

Basalts geodynamics and magnetism of the Knipovich underwater ridge (Norway -- Greenland basin)

V. V. Verba1, G. P. Avetisov1, L. Ye. Sholpo2, and T. V. Stepanova1

1VNII Oceanology, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
2IZMIRAN, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia


[1]  Reported in this paper are the data for the topography of the Knipovich oceanic ridge, as well as for its seismicity and earthquake distribution. The anomalous magnetic field of this ridge is compared with that of the North Atlantic region. Also reported are the results of the laboratory studies of the chemical compositions of its basalts and their magnetic properties. The samples were collected in the rift valley of this ridge. Proceeding from the results of the simultaneous analyses of all geological and geophysical data, a conclusion was derived that the Knipovich Ridge had developed in the environments of oblique spreading dominated by its shear component. At the present time this ridge evolves under the conditions of its slow spreading. The specific chemical and magnetic properties of its basalts reflect the effect of the contamination of the sialic crust, characteristic of the early periods of Afar-type extension. Magma had been produced at low depth levels.

Received 16 November 2000; published 1 February 2001.

Keywords: basalts, Knipovich underwater ridge, seismicity and earthquake.

Citation: Verba, V. V., G. P. Avetisov, L. Ye. Sholpo, and T. V. Stepanova (2000), Basalts geodynamics and magnetism of the Knipovich underwater ridge (Norway -- Greenland basin), Russ. J. Earth Sci., 2, No.3, 303-312, doi:10.2205/2000ES000047.

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