[2]  The Space Physics Interactive Data Resource (SPIDR) ( is a standard data source for solar-terrestrial physics, functioning within the framework of the World Data Centers. It is a distributed database and application server network, built to select, visualize and model historical space weather data distributed across the Internet. SPIDR can work as a fully-functional web-application (portal) or as a Grid of web-services, providing functions for other applications to access its data holdings.

[3]  Currently SPIDR archives include solar activity and solar wind data, geomagnetic, ionospheric, cosmic rays, radio-telescope ground observations, telemetry and images from NOAA, NASA, and DMSP satellites. SPIDR portals, databases and services are installed in the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, South Africa, India, France and Ukraine. SPIDR has more than 20 000 registered world-wide users and daily load of about 100 user sessions per site. SPIDR technology has proven to be useful for environmental data sharing, visualization and mining, not only in space physics, but also in diverse environmental arenas such as seismology, GPS measurements, tsunami warning systems, and others.


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