Russian Journal of Earth Sciences

Editorial Board

Dr. Sci. A. F. Grachev
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Expert in the field of geodynamics, tectonics and magmatism. Author of monographs on the rift areas of the Earth, the neotectonics, geodynamics and seismicity of Northern Eurasia, the editor in chief of the Maps recent tectonics of northern Eurasia. Organizer and leader of the Russian-Chinese Studies of the Earth interior and the Russian-Austrian studies on the nature of the mass extinction of organisms at the Cretaceous-Paleogene (monograph published by the Geological Service of Austria). Winner of the "Maik-Science" Prize. The Member of the "Physics of the Earth" editorial board.
Publications 360 including 10 monographs, h-index 10

Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Sci. A. A. Lushnikov
(Geophysical Center RAS, Moscow)
A specialist in the field of statistical physics, physical kinetics, physics of atmospheric aerosols, electromagnetic fields. Main scientific achievements: formulated a new approach to the description of the coagulation theoretically predicted and experimentally observed transition aerosol-airgel.
Publications 155 including 6 monographs, h-index 25

Managing Editor
Ph.D. V. A. Nechitailenko
(Geophysical Center RAS, Moscow)
Leading Researcher of the Geophysical Center RAS. Since sixties he was closely involved in various International Geophysical Programs, developing unique research equipment and software for observational data processing, initiated and organized well-known MAP/GLOBMET project (1982-1992). He has published widely on meteor radar observations, computer network simulations, data processing and electronic publishing technologies. He was the member of the Program Committee and the publisher of Proceedings of the First (1996) and Second (2001) ICSU/UNESCO Expert Conferences on Electronic Publishing in Science. He had developed complete technology for editorial processing of the first AGU online journal (International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy). His latest software developments are used for RJES editorial&preparation process in both, supporting generation of output article versions adapted to deskstops, tablets, and smartphones, and including multimedia and interactive content into articles. He is also the member of Editorial Boards of two more serials, published by GC RAS.
Publications 65+, including 3 monographs and 3 Rospapent certificates

O. V. Alexanova
(Geophysical Center RAS, Moscow)
Researcher of the Geophysical Center RAS, radiophysicist, technical editor of the serials published by GC RAS


Ph.D. V. V. Bronguleyev
(Institute of geography RAS, Moscow)
Head of research programmes, "Models of interaction of endogenous and exogenous processes of relief formation" (1991-1995), "Tectonic and climatic factors of exomorfogenesis of plane platforms" (1996-2000), "Modern endogenous and exogenous relief formation regimes" (2001-2005), co-director of the project "Geomorphological regimes: their evolution, regional features, ecological and geomorphological investigation and forecast" (2006-2008). The main topics of research at the moment - the development of mathematical models of the evolution of the slopes, the use of statistical methods for analysis of current modes of geomorphological processes and an origin of astroblem-type basins of the Moscow region.
Publications 100+, h-index 7

Academician RAN A. O. Gliko
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
The main research focus on issues of Theoretical Geophysics and Geothermy. For the first time developed a theory of the effective Q-phase media and performed calculations of good quality and the absorption coefficient of seismic waves at different structure partially molten medium and various concentrations of the melt. Professor of the Physics Department of Moscow State University. Academician-secretary of Department of Earth Sciences RAS. A member of the editorial board of the journal "Physics of the Earth."
Publications 89, h-index 4

Corr. Member RAN I. V. Gordienko
(Geological institute SB RAS, Ulan-Ude)
Expert in the field of geodynamics, tectonics, petrology, volcanology and Regional Geology, member of the Department of Earth Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Head of the Laboratory of Geodynamics of the Geological Institute of the SB RAS, Professor of the Buryat State University (geology).
Publications 200+, h-index 14

Dr. Sci. A. N. Didenko
(Institute of tectonics and geophysics FEB RAS, Khabarovsk)
Director of the Y.A. Kosygin Institute of Tectonics and Geophysics FEB RAS. Deputy Editor-in Chief of "Pacific Geology" journal, a member of the Scientific Council on the tectonics and geodynamics of the RAS. Winner of the "Maik-Science" prize (1999) and the Archangelsky Prize of the Presidium of Russian Academy of Sciences (2005). Research interests A. H. Didenko lie in the field of geodynamics, paleomagnetism and Petromagnetism. He made a fundamental contribution to the development of paleo and petromagnetism methods for the study of ophiolite complexes and modern oceanic crust.
Publications 200+, including 7 monographs, h-index 14

Ph.D. O. A. Korchagin
(Geological institute RAS, Moscow)
Head of the Administration of projects of geological exploration planning and preparation of department JSC "Rosgeologiya". A specialist in the field of paleontology, stratigraphy and paleogeography of the Mesozoic.
Publications 78, h-index 7

Corr. Member RAN S. P. Korikovsky
(Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Biochemistry RAS, Moscow)
Geologist, a specialist in the field of metamorphic petrology. The main direction of research - analysis paragenetic metamorphic associations, the development on this basis of petrological models of formation of metamorphic crust. Improved overall thermal-dome model prograde-retrograde metamorphism evolution of fold belts, synchronous with granite.
Publications 155, h-index 10

Dr. Sci. K. G. Levi
(Institute of the Earth’s Crust SB RAS, Irkutsk)

Geologist, a specialist in Cenozoic geodynamics, seismogeodynamics of the lithosphere of continents, neotectonics and recent geodynamics, paleo- and modern geoecology. Worked out approaches to a qualitative analysis of neotectonic movements occurring in relation to variations of geophysical fields and thermo-tectonic evolution of the continental lithosphere.
Publications 200, h-index 13

Dr. Sci. R. Yu. Lukianova
(Geophysical Center RAS, Moscow)
Scientific interests: Solar and geomagnetic activity, Solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere interaction, Ionospheric electrodynamics, Interpretation of space and ground-based observations, Numerical simulation of the electro-magnetic environment, Atmospheric electricity, Solar activity and climate variability, Upper and middle atmosphere. She is the member of Executive Committee of International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA).
Publications 60+, h-index 9

Dr. Sci. A. O. Mazarovich
(Geological institute RAS, Moscow)
Head of the Laboratory of Geomorphology and Ocean Floor Tectonics of Geological Institute. Main interests and work devoted to the study of tectonics and the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean islands, transform faults and structure of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
Publications 130, h-index 8

Dr. Sci. E. G. Morozov
(Institute of Oceanology RAS, Moscow)
The main fields of his research are internal waves and ocean circulation. He is a field oceanographer, and his work includes field measurements, data collecting, processing and analysis. The main result of his research is discovery of the fact that the main source of internal tide generation is interaction between the barotropic tide and submarine ridges. In 2011 he was elected the President of the IAPSO. He became the first Russian President of the IAPSO. He is also a member of the IUGG Executive Committee and SCOR Executive Committee. He is the Chairman of the Oceanographic Section at the Russian National Geophysical Committee, which is a Russian link to the IUGG.
Publications 173, h-index 9

Dr. Sci. Sh. A. Muhamediev
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Basic research devoted to the problems of solid mechanics and its applications in geosciences, in particular, in tectonophysics and geodynamics. He studied the problem of phase equilibria in environments with arbitrary defining relations of the shear rupture dynamics in the elastic-plastic materials, analyzed the new type of gravitational instability in rheologically stratified tectonosphere Earth - fragile instability, developed a quantitative model of the vertical movements of the lithosphere during magmatic solutions implementing it on cracks. A member of the editorial board of the journal "Physics of the Earth."
Publications 150, h-index 10

Corr. Member RAN A. V. Nikolaev
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Major works on seismology, seismic tomography and holography, seismic monitoring. He deals with the problems associated with nonlinear geophysics, geodynamics of the Earth, the interaction processes of different physical nature, earthquake prediction. For the first time in the world he has developed methods of seismic influence on oil fields and noise tomography. He was awarded honorary membership in the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) "for exceptional contribution to international cooperation in volcanology and scientific achievements in the field of earth sciences."
Publications 405, h-index 14

Dr. Sci. D. M. Pechersky
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Specialist in paleomagnetology and petromagnetology, recently engaged in obtaining continuous records of geomagnetic field behavior during cooling of large intrusions and study the features of the geomagnetic field at the boundaries of geological eras, due to the plumes and impact phenomena.
Publications 200+, h-index 11

Dr. Sci. B. G. Polyak
(Geological institute RAS, Moscow)
Chief Researcher, Laboratory of heat and mass of the Geological Institute. Major works are devoted to the study of the isotopic composition of helium in underground fluids and heat and mass transfer from the mantle in the principal structures of the Earth's crust.
Publications 250+, h-index 12

Dr. Sci. E. A. Rogozhin
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Expert in seismotectonics, assessment of seismic hazard, earthquake prediction, structural geology, modern geodynamics. Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS. Also a member of the editorial board of the journal "Physics of the Earth."
Publications 250+, h-index 18

Academician RAN I. D. Ryabchikov
(Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS, Moscow)
Major works in the field of Experimental Mineralogy and Petrology. The creator of the theory of the behavior of trace elements in magmatic systems, they offered thermodynamic methods for estimating distribution coefficients, the complex of experimental studies of phase equilibria in silicate systems, salt-water, simulating the processes of formation of ore-bearing fluids during crystallization of magma. Author of new methods of thermodynamics of minerals of varying composition and magmatic melts. Also Editor-in-Chief of "Geochemistry" journal.
Publications 300+, h-index 23

Dr. Sci. E. V. Sharkov
(Institute of Geology of Ore Deposits, Petrography, Mineralogy and Geochemistry RAS, Moscow)
A specialist in the field of magmatic petrology, tectonics, evolution tectonomagmatic processes in the Earth's history. Much attention is given to the process of formation of a layered intrusive complex intermediate foci magmatic systems and specific mechanisms for the implementation of these processes, physical and chemical laws, known from experimental data.
Publications 200+, h-index 17

Dr. Sci. S. A. Silantiev
(Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry RAS, Moscow)
A specialist in the study of petrology of the ocean floor rocks. National correspondent of Russia in the international project InterRidge. Head of research on the topic "Upgrade protocrust formation conditions of the early Earth and its role in the evolution of the primary structure of the atmosphere and hydrosphere," and the theme «Hydrothermal-magmatic system of mid-ocean ridges."
Publications 150+, h-index 12

Corr. Member RAN G. A. Sobolev
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Key research areas: the study of physics and the focus of earthquake precursors, properties of rocks at high thermodynamic parameters, creating new methods of geophysical exploration of mineral resources; director and direct participant of unique experiments on a large-scale simulation of earthquakes in the press with a capacity of 50 thousand tons; author of the first generalizing work in the domestic practice of "Fundamentals of Earthquake Prediction"; Member of the Council of Europe to the forecast of earthquakes; Laureate of the State Prize. Also a member of the editorial board of the journal "Physics of the Earth."
Publications 350+, h-index 23

Dr. Sci. I. N. Tolstikhin
(Geological Institute, Kola Science Centre RAS, Apatity)
Research interests - fundamental and applied problems of isotope geochemistry: A study isotopy of noble gases in the rocks of the continental crust in order to restore the fluid sources and their behavior and role in igneous and metamorphic processes; study of the prevalence of rare gases and parent elements in groundwater and their host rocks and minerals in order to determine the lifetime radioactive/radiogenic isotopes in underground geosphere. Member and Coordinator of several international Russian-Swiss and INTAS projects. His work has been recognized by scientists. For successful work in Cambridge University Tolstikhin was elected an honorary member of the Claret College Hall (1995). In 2000 he was awarded the honorary title of Dr. Honoris Causa Philosophiae University of Bern, in 2001 he was elected an honorary member of the International Geochemical Society and the European Association of Geochemistry. He was awarded the European Community geochemical highest award for outstanding contribution to isotope geochemistry - the Harold Urey Medal.
Publications 190, h-index 28

Corr. Member RAN V. P. Trubitsyn
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
Specialist in various fields of geophysics: the properties of subsurface material, the internal structure of the Earth and planets, the theory of the gravitational field and the figures of the giant planets, hydrodynamics magma chambers, global tectonics of the Earth. Recently, based on mathematical modeling developed the foundations of a new tectonic theory - tectonics of floating continents. This theory combines the idea of ??Wegener's theory of floating continents tectonics of oceanic lithosphere, since it takes into account all the thermal and mechanical interaction between continents with the viscous mantle and oceanic lithosphere, "freezes" to the continents on the passive margins and plunging into the mantle on their active margins. Also the Deputy Editor-in Chief of "Physics of the Earth" journal. Winner of the Schmidt Prize.
Publications 130, h-index 17

Dr. Sci. L. P. Vinnik
(Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Moscow)
He developed and first applied the method of seismological research by converted waves. Honorary Member of the American Geophysical Union, a member of the European Academy. Winner of Humboldt Prize (Germany) and BB Golitsyn (Russian Academy of Sciences, 1997), Gutenberg medal (European Geosciences Union). A member of the editorial board of the journal "Physics of the Earth."
Publications 200+, h-index 34