RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES VOL. 11, ES1004, doi:10.2205/2009ES000356, 2009

Basics of understanding of geological knowledge in geological training complexes

A. A. Pisarev, V. N. Dudetskiy

The Russian State Geological Prospecting University Moscow, Russia


The computer training system on geology of minerals is the program intended for studying of rocks formation processes, properties of minerals and the types of deposits. This system includes three complexes on several geological disciplines. First is mineralogical complex contains the information on minerals and its properties, second one describes types of rocks and its genesis, the third one observes the types of mineral deposits, conditions of the formation and its main features. Each complex can represents itself as separately taken training program. The system unites these complexes by the classification circuit. The circuit represents an outline into which entered genetic classification of mineral deposits, the circuit of mineral formation's processes and the circuit of minerals's systematisation. Each component is based on a principle "from bigger to smaller". The classification circuit is presented by a uniform text file. The total of the signs defining a role of a word-combination in an outline is equal 15. First three signs to a comma are invariable and are reserved; depends on presence of vacant rooms in base. The quantity of signs after a comma varies and can be equal from 1 to 12, depending on position in hierarchical number. In system the template of the classification circuit in which each of outline positions is declared boots. System customisation is made at the reading of the classification circuit. Flexibility in customisation allows to reserve some serial numbers for each rank, and also to set correspondence of serial numbers to hierarchical value within one classification when some circuits with identical ranks in the beginning and various ranks unite in the end. Therefore the base of interfaces in which the system in correspondence with the template draws up all units of an outline is formed. It is known that the area of geological knowledge is difficult and contradictory from the lexical point of view. Frequently to one term there can correspond some various concepts and on the contrary identical concepts meet in various terms. Key feature of the given system consists that it allows to identify such concepts and to compare the inherent information for it, found in the text. Thereby the discrepancy problem of geological knowledge has been solved.

Received 29 October 2009; accepted 4 November 2009; published 9 November 2009.

Keywords:geology, training system, classification, geology knowledge


Citation: Pisarev A. A., V. N. Dudetskiy (2009), Basics of understanding of geological knowledge in geological training complexes, Russ. J. Earth Sci., 11, ES1004, doi:10.2205/2009ES000356.

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